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JKM Services, Ltd. is your Personal Financial Assistant. We'll answer any questions you have and solve the insurance problems most families face. Navigating all your options can be a hassle. JKM Services will tailor your family's protection to your specific needs, and save you money doing it. Let us help. We do this for a living.

This Is Us

JKM Services, Ltd. has been helping our clients with their insurance and finances for over 40 years. We represent dozens of Insurance Companies and bring those resources and experience to work for you. Our goal is to protect you and your family with exactly what you need. No more. No less.

Why Choose JKM?

Easy. That's it. We'll make it easy for you to get the protection you need. We will not pester you endlessly to buy something else. We listen to you and find the best products at the best price. We work for you, on your terms. We are available 24/7.

Service, That's Why.

We put you first. You can reach us anytime. Ask us anything. We have answers. We have been solving our clients personal finance problems for decades. We can help you save money on your mortgage, home and auto insurance; life insurance; health insurance and anything else, really. Anything. Just ask.

A Little History

We started doing this in 1980, working for other companies brokering mortgages and all types of insurance. In 1996, we opened JKM Services, Ltd. Focusing on everyone's needs for buying and refinancing their homes or saving money on their personal insurance: Auto, Home, Life & Health. We also helped with Trusts, Wills and Estate Planning. Our business grew over the past 40 years because our clients liked what we did and told their friends and families.

Our Services

Home & Auto Life Insurance Dental Insurance Health Insurance Temporary Health Insurance Disability Insurance Liability Insurance Title Insurance

Home & Auto

Cover yourself and protect your stuff. Most people hold their nose and write the check, when it comes to their auto and home insurance. It can be confusing. There are so many companies with so many options. We are here to make it easy. You show us yours and we'll show you ours. We will review what you have, bringing over 40 years of experience on your side and let you know what your coverages mean and tell you if you have exposed yourself. We'll offer quotes with the same coverages and make recommendations for better coverages if you need them. Many times our clients end up with better coverage and still save money. All our companies are rated "A" or better and often come in lower than our neighbors "Big Red" or the hands of "Big Blue". Even if you decide to stay with what you have, you will understand what you have. We'll still give you tips on saving money with the company you have.

We can cover your cars, homes, boats, motorcycles, antique cars and all your grown-up toys.

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Life Insurance

This is the stuff people put off. No one wants to talk about it. We do. We want to show everyone how easy and inexpensive this is. This is the only insurance you are guaranteed to use. You have auto insurance, but you may never have a car accident. But everyone will use Life insurance, because everyone.. Well... You know... Umm... Moves on.

You can buy it now or buy it later. Most people wait to buy Life Insurance. The fact is, the earlier you buy it, the cheaper it is. We have $250,000 10 year term insurance available at less than $10/month. Of course that may not be the rate you get based on how healthy you are, but if you wait you'll only get older and less healthy which makes it more expensive, if you can get it all. Check out the cost for you by starting a quote, now.

Make sure your protection is there when you need it for mortgages, college, income protection, whatever you need, whenever you need it. You'll sleep better knowing you're covered for... you know... when THAT day comes...

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Dental Insurance

We can cover the whole family and the coverage is accepted by most dentists in the Chicago area. We have plans that include some coverage for Orthodontia.

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Health Insurance

We can help with Affordable Care Act compliant coverage during Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment Periods.

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Temporary Health Insurance

If you are between policies or graduating and entering the work force, you need coverage fast. We have low-cost options that are accepted by most doctors and hospitals around the Chicago Area.

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Disability Insurance

You need to be sure you get paid if you're hurt and can't work. We can help you plan for that with policy that will keep your monthly income coming in.

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Liability Insurance

Personal Liability Umbrellas; Errors and Omissions; General Liability; Malpractice, we can help with all of these and find the lowest cost coverage.

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Title Insurance

As a registered Illinois Title Agency, we can reduce the costs of refinancing and buying a home. We do the work in-house and can save attorney's costs.

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